WVCTSI Investigator Development Services

Overview of Services

The goal of Investigator Development Services is to connect WVCTSI members to available resoures to develop their research careers. Services are coordinated across all WVCTSI cores, and it is the goal of this service group to guide researchers from idea conception to project completion and dissemination. 


WVCTSI Service Consultation

Those looking to initiate a new project or new to WVCTSI should start by meeting with our Investigator Development Service team prior to submitting a service request.


Professional Development Core

The Professional Development Core provides support for faculty and students looking for mentorship, training, and educational opportunities to further their careers in clinical and translational science.


Pilot Projects Program

The Pilot Projects Progam provides a mechanism for soliciting and awarding clinical, translational, and community engagement projects, from concept to competitiveness for external funding.


Proposal Development Services


Proposal Development Services assists members of WVCTSI community with support, guidance and grant writing expertise to empower their success in obtaining extramural research funding.

Hours and Location

Hours: Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm


Location: G130 Erma Byrd Biomedical Research Center

Links and Resources

1. Professional Development Website


2. Pilot Projects Program Website


3. K Grant Writing Groups (K-Clubs) Program Website 


4. Biospecimen Processing



Sally Hodder, M.D. 
Director, WVCTSI

Courtney A. DeVries, Ph.D.
Director, WVCTSI Professional Development Core

Gary Rankin, Ph.D.
Chair, WVCTSI Pilot Projects Program


Joan M. Lakoski, Ph.D.

Director, WVCTSI Proposal Development

Co-Director, WVCTSI Professional Development Core


Name Role Phone Email Location
Meghan Reeves, MPH
Investigator Development Manager
(304) 293-6581

Joan M. Lakoski, Ph.D.
Director of Proposal Development


Sarah Haymond, MEd
Program Coordinator


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